1. Break Your Routine

Instead of brushing your teeth with your right hand, use your left hand and vice-versa. Job backwards or take a different way to work rather than your normal route. The key to is seek ways that differ from our daily patterns. This will trigger new parts of your brain which spurs it to make new connections.

2. Dance, Dance, Dancescarface_dance

Remember the hot song in Scarface? Dancing is one of the best activities that stimulate a wide variety of brain systems. Dancing uses everything from coordination and organization to preparation and awareness.  Tony Montana will be proud!

3. Destroy the ANTS

Those little bugs? NO!!! ANTS (Automatic Negative Thoughts) agitate the areas of our brain associated with anxiety. They boost the production of stress hormones with destroy brain cells. Anytime an ANT invades your mind, write it down, and hatch a plan to correct it.

4. Get Your Zzzz’s

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